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Combined Airline Miles Chart

This is an airline miles chart which shows you what it takes to get to anywhere in the world from the Los Angeles area using the miles of a particular airline.  I chose to focus on airlines that are either US based or have great access to transfer points/miles for other popular programs such as Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG Amex), Chase Ultimate Rewards (Visa/Mastercard), and Membership Rewards (American Express).

It has been extremely useful in long term planning for trips.  Please let me know if there are any errors that you notice.  I try to keep it updated for my own purposes.

Combined Airline Miles Chart

The way I use this chart is to search for a trip.  E.g. I want to go to Vietnam so I would use the main page (US Airline and Major CC) since I current have points in all of the programs listed.   If you scroll over to Southeast Asia you will see that Alaska is the best rice at 60k miles per person for Economy and 100k for Business.  If you prefer First Class then American Airlines would be the best bet at 125k miles.

If you only have access to say Chase Ultimate Rewards then you would use the Chase page which shows you just three options.  For this you would find that United is the best option at 65k miles for Economy, 120k for Business, and 140k for First Class.

Hope it helps!


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